A Peak Inside Your Generator


Generators are enormously helpful in a wide variety of situations; it tends to be pleasant to have access to electricity, especially if you’ve moved to a place that’s off the grid and you already are roughing it to some extent. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how your handy generator powers your hair dryer, this article is for you.

A generator is a device that moves a magnet near a wire in such a way that it creates a steady flow of electrons. Exactly how it does that varies greatly among different models created during different time periods and can range from hand cranks and steam engines to nuclear fission, but regardless the basic principle remains the same: move electrons using a magnet.

If it’s difficult for you to imagine electrons being forced to move, try to think of a pump pushing water through a pipe. A generator does the same to electricity, but uses a magnet to push electrons, so to speak. It pushes a certain number of electrons by using a certain amount of pressure.

voltageIn the context of an electrical circuit, the number of electrons being moved is called the amperage or current, and it’s measured in amps. The “pressure” that dictates how hard the electrons are being pushed is called the voltage and is measured in volts. So to make use of these terms, a generator that spins at 1,000 rotations per minute might produce 1 amp at 6 volts. The 1 amp refers to how many electrons are moving (specifically, an amp implies that 6.24 X 10^18  electrons per second are moving through a wire). The 6 volts tell us the pressure behind these electrons.

The first electric generator was invented by British physicist and chemist Michael Faraday. His first generator was called the dynamo, and he also invented the first electric motor.

So how do the generators actually work? Well in Faraday’s case, coils of copper wire are made to rotate between the poles of a magnet, producing a steady current of electricity. The coils can rotate simply by use of a hand crank, but a more practical and effective way of generating electricity involves attaching the shaft of the generator to a turbine and then letting another energy source power the turbine. Falling water is often employed for this.

niagara power plantIn fact, one of the first and largest energy-generating plants is powered by Niagara Falls. Engineers built a water intake near the bottom of the dam wall that forces water through a narrow channel called a penstock in which the turbine is stationed. The turbine is a huge propeller that is pushed by the force of the flowing water. Its spinning motion rotates the shaft of the generator and rotates the copper coils of the generator. This spinning of the copper coils within the circle of magnets produces electricity. This electricity is then carried to homes and businesses via power lines.

Other power plants rely on steam to spin the turbine of a generator; burning coal allows for the boiling of water and the generation of steam, so coal tends to fuel the creation of electricity. It’s also possible to create electricity by using controlled nuclear reactions to turn water into steam. This allows people to rely less on coal, but people tend to be frightened of nuclear power because of a few famous nuclear meltdowns.

Fun and Unusual Lighting Options for the Modern Home

potato light

With Potato Day right around the corner, you may be wondering what the heck kind of decorations you’re going to find this year when you already have spent all your time and money refurbishing your jet skis. Believe it or not, an obvious option may have been spudding right under your nose this entire time: the potato! Turn a potato into a light!

Quick overview of electric currents: an electric current is the movement of electrons from one atom to another in a conductor. A conductor is a substance that can conduct electricity. With that in mind, here’s what you have to do.

lightbulbFind a potato and cut it in half. Get yourself some electrical wire and wrap the end around a galvanized nail. Galvanized nails are nails that have undergone a process which covers them with a zinc protective coating. This coating acts as an anode, meaning it’s a positively charged electrode by which electrons can leave a device. An electrode is an electrical conductor used to make contact with a nonmetallic part of a circuit like a semiconductor, an electrolyte, a vacuum or air. In this case, the zinc on our galvanized nail will be acting as an anode that allows for electrons to leave the nail and enter the potato’s electrolytes.

Get a second piece of wire and wrap it around a penny. The penny contains enough copper to act as a cathode, which is also an electrode. An anode is positive while a cathode is negative, so an anode attracts negative charge while a cathode attracts positive charge. Stick the penny into a hole in the potato.

Once you’ve got these two wires with either a penny or a nail at the end, stick the copper side into one half of the potato and the nail into another half. Don’t let the zinc and copper electrodes touch each other. If a wire connects the zinc nail and the copper penny, electrons will flow, but direct contact will just produce heat as opposed to electric current.

cathode anodeWhen you put the metal electrodes into the potato, it causes a reaction to occur that results in electric current. The potato acts as an electrolyte that facilitates the transport of the zinc and copper ions in the solution while keeping the electrodes apart physically. An electrolyte is a liquid or gel that contains ions and can be decomposed by electrolysis; it is a fluid that carries a charge or can produce an electrically conducting solution when dissolved in a polar solvent like water. When it’s put in water, an electolyte separates out into cations and anions, allowing for current to flow. The phosphoric acid of the potato is responsible for the electro-chemical reaction of zinc and copper.

Zinc is an active metal that reacts readily with acid to liberate electrons. The acid’s active ingredient is positively charged hydrogen, so a transfer of electrons occurs between the zinc and the acid. Hydrogen gas is produced and bubbles out around the electrodes. The reaction at the penny electrode depletes the electrons and attaches them to the hydrogen ions in the phosphoric acid.

Now if you attach both ends of the wire to a tiny LED light, it will light up!

Do’s and Don’ts; The Color Yellow


Every home owner wonders about the proper use of the color yellow; is it right for the walls in the kitchen? What about the rugs in the bathroom? Of all colors, shades of yellow are the most hit-and-miss choices you can pick. The right decision could add warmth and depth your room or make you look like you run a nursery. Here’s some tips on how to do yellow right:

yellow kitchenWalls

As mentioned earlier, if you choose the right yellow for the right room, you’re likely to add a vibe of warmth and liveliness that can’t be achieved with white walls. However, it’s important to realize that a lot of homeowners don’t want every room to be warm and lively. For example, unless you’re painting a child’s room, you’re likely to want to skip yellow for your bedroom; bright wall colors can make it difficult to relax during bedtime. Yellow is also a bad choice for a home-movie room or a panic room; it’s just not the right vibe. Instead, try matching warm yellow walls to rooms that incorporate a lot of tile; kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms are great rooms to create a bright, welcoming vibe.

Accentssunflower painting

Add pizzazz and life to an otherwise plain room by incorporating some bright yellow accents. This could mean a throw pillow with a fun yellow design or a big pot of sunflowers. Paintings are another classy way to incorporate a little yellow into a room’s interior design without being overbearing. When looking for the right piece, know that the more natural yellow the more likely it will work without being obnoxious meaning, of course, you can never go wrong with flowers.

outdoor tableFurniture

This is a more risky way to implement yellow and really should only be done given that you’ve already found a great piece; trust me, it’s hard to find an attractive piece of yellow furniture, plus it’s likely to show dirt and wear and tear. Again, if you pick the wrong piece you are likely to end up looking like you run a nursery. That said, a yellow lamp can spruce up your room, or a bright yellow outdoor table and chair set can bring a cute cafe look to your backyard hang-out.


Lightingball lights

One of the most warming revisions you can make to your house is to switch out your white light with yellow. A commonly used technique when setting ambiance in restaurants, soft yellow lighting is at once comforting and indicative of high class. If you’re unsure about such a big change inside, try out some large yellow lamps in your backyard to create an outdoor experience that is at once stylish and reminiscent of ancient gatherings of human past; after all, yellow light is about the closest that the modern interior designer can get to supplying fire light without opting into an illegal fire pit. Oh, and some designers might be happy to hear: yellow lighting is among the most flattering as it provides a healthy glow to everything around it without exposing imperfections.

A Home Appliance Repair Guide

When you try to fix any device it must be inspected first. It is really important to read the manual and check the parts. Generally manual will contain diagram of all the parts which can help to find the parts and which is not working. When a machine is not working one must check if the plug is working properly or not. If there is no problem with the plug, check if the fuses or circuit have broken down. If all these things are perfect then unplug the machine before you do anything else. As it is dangerous to work with electrical device, precautions must be taken.

Problems arising with Appliances

When working with any gas appliances first thing to be done is to shut off the gas supply. Once you have check and seen that you won’t get any shock, check the problem and try to fix it. You can go through the chart, then go through the instructions accordingly and proceed to repair them. It is common that the appliances get repairs after few years, so first have a look at machine working which will give a solution.

When you have problem with the washers, like if it is operating in spin mode and does not fill with water, or water overflows, if water does not reach high level and gets filled at low level only or there is a problem in drain system. Then check with the valves, belt, and drain pipe. In case of clothes dryers sometimes no heat is generated but dryer runs, clothes don’t get dried but the heat supply is on, sometimes dryer does not run, sometimes the drum will not turn but the motor functions properly. Then, the thermostat may not be functioning, check with vent, fuse and any obstruction occurred for rotation of drum.

When there is a problem with gas appliances like ignition problem, no heating, no proper heat supply, only one element is functioning. Then there may be problem in burner like something got clotted or some power cord got burnt. In case of oven, there might be problem with the timer. If there are troubles in refrigerator like if the units runs without break and if the refrigerator is too cold, too much water gets leaked below the refrigerator and if the total refrigerator stops running for more than one to two hours, then all you need to check is if the power supply is on, or if there is any problem with the thermostat or any fuse problem. There may be any problem with the drain line or there may be any air circulation problem or coils problem. In case of Air conditioner, if the unit does not run, unit runs but does not cool properly, there is a leakage from indoor unit then there they need to clean the filters or check with the running of fan, there may be any particle obstructing the drain. So, check with the manual and try to spot the defect and you can easily fix it. In case of any issues further arising, you may visit foxappliancerepair.com for more knowledge and information.

The Utility of the Microwave Oven

Among the range of kitchen appliances you have the microwave sort of oven. In common terms it is being referred as the microwave. The apparatus is capable of both cooking and heating the food. Things are done by getting exposed to the electromagnetic radiation and this happens in the section of the microwave spectrum. In the process there is inducing of the polar molecules in the food and there is rotation of the same and this helps in the production of the thermal energy in a sort of the process known as dielectric heating. The sort of oven helps in fast heating of the food. This is the reason the stuff is handy when you need to heat the food before you sit to have your lunch or dinner.

oven1The Best Utility of the Oven

Microwave oven also helps in heating the food efficiently. This is made possible due to the excitation and this is known to be perfectly uniform from the external area. In fact, the oven helps in cooking the sort of homogeneous food variety. This refers to the food having more amount of water. The appliance can cause an even heating of the food item. However, in case you need to heat the denser foods you have to make use of other processes.

The Method of Food Preparation

The oven are used and they are so popular in cooking a variety of food stuffs and the same can even cause even heating of the already cooked food stuff. This is the best appliance you can have for the rapid and fast heating of the foods. In case you need to prepare some food items slowly once again you can take the best help of the appliance. The oven is apt in preparing food items like hot butter, chocolates and fats. This is not a conventional oven and it does not cause direct and instant caramelizing of the food stuff.

The Oven Cooks the Food at the Right Temperature

The oven cooks food at the right temperature. This is done with the production of the Milliards reaction. This is not the right oven to be used for the reason of professional cooking. It has the set of boiling range temperatures and this is the reason it can cook food with more water content. The oven can cook food following the processes of frying, baking and browning. In fact, you can add the additional and the extra heat sources to the oven.

oven2The Goodness of the Appliance

In case you have more people coming home in the evening and you need to prepare the food in advance, you can do everything beforehand and then preheat the items before serving the guests. This is the most scientific way you can cook the food and in the process you can perfectly retain the goodness of the food without having to do anything extra. In fact, you just cannot count upon the specialties of the microwave oven as this is the right appliance to help you cook the food in the right process.

Accessories to Make the Home Look Complete in Totality

It is time that you sit to consider the designing of the home. In fact, you have all the best things you need to redecorate and redesign the home. When you are thinking of the best accessories for the home lots of ideas are sure to strike you. One thing would be best and this is to consider the rooms first and then you can think of the accessories you need to make the room appear so neat and perfect. To make the room look the best you should have the right matching sense. In the way you can better synchronise the look of the interiors.

sofa1The Bedroom is Made Perfect

Matching the Pillows with the curtains and the bed sheet is essential. The kind of home accessories will help the room hold the kind of balanced look. In case you have yellow pillows and bed sheet make sure that you choose the curtains of the same colour. This will create the sort of uniformity. To make things look proper and completely yellow you can arrange for some yellow flower in one corner of the room. Now, this is something unique and will help the bed room have a complete look. However, don’t choose for dark shades for the bed room accessories for this can cause disruption in sleep.

The Sofa Set

When it comes to the living room you can have the furniture in all the lively shades. This is the active part of the house and it should have the sort of brightness to make the guests feel so entertained and warm. As part of the living room you have the sofa set. This can be of leather. However, the leather sitting arrangement is sure to last for long and you just need to maintain the same with proper and timely vacuum cleaning.

Things to Choose for the Living Room

At one corner of the living room you can have the centre table. You can choose to have one made of glass or wrought iron. In case you have small children in the house it is best that you have a table made of wood. Glass stuffs are not meant for homes where infants move about on the floor and they can get injured by accident. In fact, you can buy things of wrought iron or wood. This will help you have the durable stuffs and with the right maintenance you can keep up with the furniture for years.

bedroomPlanning for the Rest of the House

You can set the television on the specific wall of the living room and at the side there is the special table for the flower bouquet. It is right that you have all the furniture made of the similar stuff. With all the relevant home accessories, the room is sure to have the best of balanced look ever. As part of the living area you can choose a portion for the dining space. This is the area which is attached with the main kitchen zone. As this part of the house you don’t have much of the accessories as you need all essential items to be kept at the perfect points of service.