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Will Sears Bounce Back?


We all are familiar with Sears; for decades it’s been a place where people can buy everything from shirts and pants to washers and dryers. Often staples of their communities, Sears locations make it possible for nearby communities to furnish their homes with useful appliances without breaking the bank or ending up in worrisome debt.

sears2However, Sears has recently found that their appliance department has had little to offer the higher-ups whose jobs are to gather profits. These same higher-ups have recently decreed that Sears stop selling home and kitchen appliances, closing out as a result of the business lost to other bargain outlets like JC Penny, Target, and TJ Max.

This news hit none harder than newly hired microwave oven salesman Dan Sherman, who had already bragged to his friends and family about the copious amounts of dough he would be rounding up sucker by sucker at 3% commission. Before his new job, Sherman used to be such an insufferable failure that he had already become obscenely arrogant about his newly average status. That status now threatened to obliterate along with the Sears appliance line.

Seated in the staff room, Frank McCarthy, manager of the Sears Concord location and Sherman’s boss, spoke to Sherman about the closing of the appliance branch and the future of Sherman’s employment. McCarthy hadn’t been impressed by Sherman’s work and was expecting to fire Sherman. Sherman caught on to this expectation and, in a fit of desperation, threatened to plunge a break room plastic butter knife into McCarthy’s torso if McCarthy did not allow Sherman to tie up his hands and feet with strings cut from a mop head (slowly, with a break room plastic butter knife) and then to shove the rest of that mop head into McCarthy’s mouth and then to shove McCarthy into the mop closet.

Sherman then looked through McCarthy’s computer, found that McCarthy was scheduled to be transferred to the Walnut Creek branch starting the next day, and donned McCarthy’s uniform and name tag and showed up for McCarthy’s first day of work at the Sears branch in Walnut Creek, CA.

sears3While Sherman had entered the new branch initially excited about his promotion, he soon found work to be more difficult than he thought; the employees that worked under him were unskilled, listless and even rebellious, and it was only through compromise, trial and error, and a fair amount of studying after work that Sherman was able to earn the respect of his crew and teach them a thing or two about salesmanship in the process.

The Walnut Creek branch’s immense success qualified them to be the Bay Area regional representatives in a California-wide Sears sales competition. Walnut Creek’s numbers are looking to be the highest, but at the beginning of the final week of the competition, Sherman is discovered to be an impostor and Sears higher-ups threaten to close the branch down for a week for the investigation, a move that would make it impossible for Sherman’s branch to win the competition.

Sherman meets with the manager of all the Sears branches in California, successfully pitches himself as a true salesman and leader, and after four days of deliberation is ultimately allowed to keep his job and lead the Walnut Creek branch starting on Friday. Having earned his own confidence and that of his team despite being outed as an impostor, the group works a synergistic whole to sell the last of Sears’ appliance line, winning the sales contest and earning Sherman a promotion.

$230 Balmuda Toaster Makes Waves

balmuda to

Japanese appliance maker Balmuda has created one of the most expensive toasters on the market- a $230 home appliance that claims to toast bread perfectly, every time.

Whereas traditional toasters- which have changed little since they received their outer casings in the 1920’s- are generally thought to be the most disposable and affordable, low-tech kitchen appliances currently in wide circulation, Balmuda has transformed what was once old-school into a high-tech gadget determined to improve your quality of life.

toaster braThe Balmuda toaster uses steam and carefully calibrated heat cycles to ensure perfectly toasted toast every time. It can transform store-bought bread into toast that feels, tastes and smells like it just came out of the oven of a professional baker. This propensity for creating luxury toast has led Balmuda to deem the gadget worthy of a price five times its more drab competitors. Apparently a fair amount of Japanese citizens agree, as pre-orders for the toasters have led to a three-month waiting list, all without Balmuda spending a penny on advertising.

So how did a company that generally creates flat screen TVs, walkmen and digital cameras wander into the territory of gourmet toast making? The story goes that a Balmuda company picnic was unfortunately thrown on a rainy day. Stubborn partiers warmed their bread on a grill despite the wet weather and found, to their surprise, that under those conditions they were able to make delicious, perfectly prepared toast.

Among the toasters was company founder Gen Terao and his group of product designers. They attempted to reproduce their delicious toast sometime later, but found that fair weather conditions wouldn’t allow it. Eventually someone made the connection that water was necessary for the yeasty delights of the company’s past picnics and, thousands of test slices later, the group figured out that steam is able to trap moisture inside a slice of bread while it’s being warmed at low temperatures. Cranking up the heat at the very end can couple this pleasant texture with the crust present in all toast we know and love.

“The best results are with croissants,” advised Mark Oda, who works on web and media content in Tokyo and was the first ever purchaser of Balmuda’s toaster. “I can never go back to 5,000-yen toasters.”

tt on my ppTerao’s ambition to reinvent the toaster may be explained by the flexible and creative mindset from which he views the world in general. Terao wasn’t always the head of a tech company; in his teen years he dropped out of high school, cashed a life-insurance payout after the death of his mother, and trekked across Spain, Morocco and the Mediterranean. He returned to Japan to front a rock band called the Beach Fighters, which scored a record deal but never became famous. Eventually he convinced a small local factory to allow him to use their milling machines and started making simple, useful products like laptop stands, desk lights, and electric fans. Finally, in 2014, he turned his intentions to food, because “eating is a moving experience.”

Now Balmuda can’t keep stores stocked with their famous toaster, but the company still plans to start expanding sales to South Korea.

What is a Trivection Oven?


You’ve probably heard of convection ovens by now; they’re no longer the next new thing in kitchen appliance and in fact have become somewhat standard since their introduction to the baking markets in the early 1980’s. Now, however, there’s a new kid on the block.



That’s right, trivection ovens exist now. Invented by General Electric, trivection ovens work by using heat, convection, and microwaves for customized cooking at five times the speed of traditional ovens.

Trivection ovens are little-known, but they have had some screen time no the Food Network. Host of Good Eats Alton Brown actually helped design the trivection oven, and it has since appeared in the pilot of popular American situation comedy 30 Rock, in which business tycoon character Jack Donaghy describes the product and claims to have created it himself.

Apparently he took his description of the product almost directly from GE’s website, which reads as follows:

“GE Prfile and GE Monogram ovens with Trivection technology combine thermal, Precise Air convection and microwave energies to produce optimal texture, crispness, moistness and browning for each food type- in less time!”

The site continued on to state that the combination of these three different types of heat “produces delicious results up to give times faster than a traditional thermal oven,” and that trivection technology offers “consistent oven temperature,” “optimal air circulation,” and “remarkable speed.”

Precise Air Convection Technology’s contribution is allegedly something relating to “a dual loop 2,500 watt element” that “surrounds an innovative fan that reverses direction for optimal air and heat circulation, providing even cooking, faster rotating speeds, and multi-rack baking capability.”

tri3Sure sounds like a hand full of bananas!

In regards to the thermal technology present within GE’s trivection oven, the site makes the following claim:

“Traditional bake and broil elements provide conductive heat from above and below the food, while helping maintain consistent oven temperature.”

Then regarding microwave technology, there’s the following:

“Electromagnetic waves excite molecules in food and help accelerate the cooking process, ensuring faster cooking speeds. This is not a microwave oven, and it is now possible to cook with microwave energy alone on Trivection technology ovens.”

Kind of a bummer about the limits to what you can do with microwave energy with the Trivection oven, but I suppose when your baking power is bolstered by the other types of energy also offered, you don’t need much more than what’s offered.
All in all, trivection ovens are likely to be the next big thing in new kitchen appliance technology, so if you want to intimidate and infuriate your baking friends, you should probably get one right away. Soon everyone on the block will have the latest oven, and you want to be the trend setter as opposed to the baking nerd falling behind the latest technology. Trivection ovens will make your cupcakes moist, your ribs hearty, and your Thanksgiving turkey viral on instagram. Don’t wait for them to be in style; take a risk and go full trivection. The future is waiting. Will you be ready?

Change Your Life with Your Microwave Oven

microwave oven

They may be the least classy of all appliances, but they can really do a lot. Here’s some tips that will help you to reach your full potential in terms of utilizing your microwave oven, and have fun doing it!

Here’s something you probably didn’t know you could do: cut down on time wasted peeling garlic the old fashioned way by heating a head of garlic in the microwave for about 20 seconds; the cloves will slide right out of their skin, easy peasy. My only complaint?

1microwave oven) I actually like peeling garlic by hand and

2) Maybe I don’t want to peel an entire head of garlic at once. If, for example, I only need a small piece of garlic, I’m not sure the same technique will work and even if it does, now I have heated the garlic which I may have wanted to be room temperature. I’m just not sure this is actually a good idea you guys, maybe forget I said anything.

But you know what you can do with a microwave? You can actually dry your own herbs way faster than if you leave them out! I know you thought you needed to use your full-size oven for something like this, but a microwave actually can perform the same task at a fraction of the time it takes your old dumb oven. Just wash your herbs and de-stem them and then lay them on a page relate or paper towel. Pop them into the microwave for high bursts lasting somewhere around 30 seconds, flipping the leaves every time you open the door. Depending on what herb you’re drying, this could take anywhere from two to four minutes.

My one complaint is that maybe you actually don’t want to dry your herbs with heat generated by radio waves, maybe you just want to use normal gas heat because you like that better. Also now you’re wasting a paper towel that you may have been saving, or a paper plate, and you have to find a way to either throw it away or recycle it once your’e done with the herbs. With the oven you can just use a baking sheet so it’s wasteful kind of. That’s it though, seriously, otherwise it’s fine.

microwave ovenDid you know you can make foam with your trusty microwave alone? It’s not that hard, and it can really zest up your coffee without you having to have on those foamers that rich coffee douche bags buy and then never use or even give each other for Christmas. If you fill a jar with milk halfway or less and then shake the jar around with the lid on until the milk froths and doubles in size and then microwave that concoction, take the lid off the jar and microwave it again, you can actually stabilize some foam and pour it into your coffee! The foam will only have gathered on the top but its still better than not having any foam at all.

My only thing with that is that microwave ovens are supposed to be fast and easy and that sounds like a lot of work and maybe the guy should just a foamer, which are pretty cheap, but you know, otherwise yeah it’s really cool if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Utility of the Microwave Oven

Among the range of kitchen appliances you have the microwave sort of oven. In common terms it is being referred as the microwave. The apparatus is capable of both cooking and heating the food. Things are done by getting exposed to the electromagnetic radiation and this happens in the section of the microwave spectrum. In the process there is inducing of the polar molecules in the food and there is rotation of the same and this helps in the production of the thermal energy in a sort of the process known as dielectric heating. The sort of oven helps in fast heating of the food. This is the reason the stuff is handy when you need to heat the food before you sit to have your lunch or dinner.

oven1The Best Utility of the Oven

Microwave oven also helps in heating the food efficiently. This is made possible due to the excitation and this is known to be perfectly uniform from the external area. In fact, the oven helps in cooking the sort of homogeneous food variety. This refers to the food having more amount of water. The appliance can cause an even heating of the food item. However, in case you need to heat the denser foods you have to make use of other processes.

The Method of Food Preparation

The oven are used and they are so popular in cooking a variety of food stuffs and the same can even cause even heating of the already cooked food stuff. This is the best appliance you can have for the rapid and fast heating of the foods. In case you need to prepare some food items slowly once again you can take the best help of the appliance. The oven is apt in preparing food items like hot butter, chocolates and fats. This is not a conventional oven and it does not cause direct and instant caramelizing of the food stuff.

The Oven Cooks the Food at the Right Temperature

The oven cooks food at the right temperature. This is done with the production of the Milliards reaction. This is not the right oven to be used for the reason of professional cooking. It has the set of boiling range temperatures and this is the reason it can cook food with more water content. The oven can cook food following the processes of frying, baking and browning. In fact, you can add the additional and the extra heat sources to the oven.

oven2The Goodness of the Appliance

In case you have more people coming home in the evening and you need to prepare the food in advance, you can do everything beforehand and then preheat the items before serving the guests. This is the most scientific way you can cook the food and in the process you can perfectly retain the goodness of the food without having to do anything extra. In fact, you just cannot count upon the specialties of the microwave oven as this is the right appliance to help you cook the food in the right process.