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Meet the Apollo Personal Cloud Appliance

apollo cloud

Leader in data storage product developmentĀ Promise Technology has recently unveiled its newest appliance: Apollo Cloud. Apollo Cloud is the Taiwan-based company’s first consumer product and is already available for purchase in Apple stores and on Apple’s website.

So what exactly does the Apollo Cloud have to offer? The Apollo Cloud is basically a personal cloud appliance and app that allows people and their communities to have full control over storing and accessing their shared digital content from the privacy of their homes, smartphones, or offices.

apolloCurrent market products tend to be sculpted for corporate use, but Promise Technology’s Apollo Cloud is actually crafted for easy utilization by families, small businesses, home offices, or other work groups that could benefit from easy private storage for their digital content.

As devices become increasingly portable, the immense volume of photos and files that the individual manages can be difficult to balance with lowering storage space on say, chromebooks or other devices meant to go online but not to provide major storage. Pair this with the fact that technological evolution seems to lend itself towards increased file size (think HD videos) and you’ve got a problem for the average consumer. Apollo Cloud makes it possible for people in this conundrum to access four terabytes of space where they can store and share data securely and privately from anywhere on the planet.

Apollo Cloud can be used by a groups that number up to 10 members, each with full sharing control over their own digital files. Apollo Cloud can even save and share more than 440 hours of HD video, 220,000 photos and half a million songs, making it the perfect helper for small production teams and families alike.

Additional advantages of the device include that it offers 4TB of storage without requiring recurring fees, it can be set up in only a few minutes and then immediately be accessible from any device, offering quick access to personal content from anywhere using the Apollo Cloud App, and that up to nine members can share the Apollo Cloud, each of which potentially having a private space and full sharing control over their own files. Finally, Apollo Cloud provides its users peace of mind because all of its data is actually off the Web, safe and secure on a personal cloud. All transactions of data are encrypted to the highest decree using Apollo Cloud’s heightened security services.

apollo2James Lee, CEO of Promise Technology, had this to say about its latest appliance:

“Promise has been delivering high-performance data storage solutions to media and entertainment organizations, enterprises and small and medium businesses for almost 30 years and we are very pleased to bring out innovation to consumers with the introduction of Apollo Cloud.”

“People are inundated with data,” Lee continued, “and they need a solution that offers convenient access and file sharing without being weighed down by limitations or having to sacrifice privacy and security. Apollo Cloud solves these storage headaches and brings consumers an easy to use personal cloud appliance that offers security, flexibility, and affordability.”