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Cheap Maintenance for Your Bathroom


With the cost of housing going up across the nation people are looking for more and more ways to save money around the house. The way most people look into taking on this task is by doing some of the home maintenance tasks that would normally get hired out to outside parties. The problem is most people don’t know where to start or even allthatwhat is the biggest savings projects before hand. Thus a lot of the times people end up getting in over their heads and buying a lot of one time use tools that collect dust and end up costing them more in a net spending term than if they just hired a professional. Here are a few tips and tricks of the trade to show you what tools are most cost effective and what tasks to set them loose on around your home.

1, Know your Toilet:

There is no appliance we use more in our home, or has a bigger effect on the quality of our lives more so than a well working toilet. When you’re toilet is broken you are in a serious state of affairs and are willing to spend any amount to get out of it.

Also most all toilets are put together the same way, and can be put together and taken apart with a few simple tools. The problem most people have when thinking about how to fix their toilet is they think it is a lot more complicated than it actually is. The truth is that the technology behind toilets is ancient and has remained fairly unchanged in their basic principles to this day.

Get yourself a pair of channel locks, screw driver set, and toilet auger and you should be set. I suggest just going straight for the toilet auger and circumventing the purchase of a plunger. The reason being that if you need to fix a
onljclog you are better of just doing the auger and instantly clearing the clog rather than sitting their for minutes fiercely trying to plunge it away.

Next see if your toilet is leaking. This is a big one that affect most people. If you are in a drought ridden state like California this one come be extremely costly and is environmentally unfriendly. The way you do this is remove the back of the toilet and expose the flushing mechanism and back water reserve. From here you should fill the reservoir with some red food coloring. Come back in an our or so, and be sure no one uses the toilet in the mean time. Open the bowl to the toilet and see if there is any discoloration of the water inside. If there is a pink hue to the water you know that the back reservoir is leaking water into the main bowl and should be taken care of. It is most likely a poor flapper or gasket which over time need to be replaced. Replace it and repeat the test. Switching to low flow toilet mechanisms is another good investment you can make in this situation if you are going to replace parts any ways, go for the upgrade.