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Change Your Life with Your Microwave Oven

microwave oven

They may be the least classy of all appliances, but they can really do a lot. Here’s some tips that will help you to reach your full potential in terms of utilizing your microwave oven, and have fun doing it!

Here’s something you probably didn’t know you could do: cut down on time wasted peeling garlic the old fashioned way by heating a head of garlic in the microwave for about 20 seconds; the cloves will slide right out of their skin, easy peasy. My only complaint?

1microwave oven) I actually like peeling garlic by hand and

2) Maybe I don’t want to peel an entire head of garlic at once. If, for example, I only need a small piece of garlic, I’m not sure the same technique will work and even if it does, now I have heated the garlic which I may have wanted to be room temperature. I’m just not sure this is actually a good idea you guys, maybe forget I said anything.

But you know what you can do with a microwave? You can actually dry your own herbs way faster than if you leave them out! I know you thought you needed to use your full-size oven for something like this, but a microwave actually can perform the same task at a fraction of the time it takes your old dumb oven. Just wash your herbs and de-stem them and then lay them on a page relate or paper towel. Pop them into the microwave for high bursts lasting somewhere around 30 seconds, flipping the leaves every time you open the door. Depending on what herb you’re drying, this could take anywhere from two to four minutes.

My one complaint is that maybe you actually don’t want to dry your herbs with heat generated by radio waves, maybe you just want to use normal gas heat because you like that better. Also now you’re wasting a paper towel that you may have been saving, or a paper plate, and you have to find a way to either throw it away or recycle it once your’e done with the herbs. With the oven you can just use a baking sheet so it’s wasteful kind of. That’s it though, seriously, otherwise it’s fine.

microwave ovenDid you know you can make foam with your trusty microwave alone? It’s not that hard, and it can really zest up your coffee without you having to have on those foamers that rich coffee douche bags buy and then never use or even give each other for Christmas. If you fill a jar with milk halfway or less and then shake the jar around with the lid on until the milk froths and doubles in size and then microwave that concoction, take the lid off the jar and microwave it again, you can actually stabilize some foam and pour it into your coffee! The foam will only have gathered on the top but its still better than not having any foam at all.

My only thing with that is that microwave ovens are supposed to be fast and easy and that sounds like a lot of work and maybe the guy should just a foamer, which are pretty cheap, but you know, otherwise yeah it’s really cool if you’re into that sort of thing.