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Do’s and Don’ts; The Color Yellow


Every home owner wonders about the proper use of the color yellow; is it right for the walls in the kitchen? What about the rugs in the bathroom? Of all colors, shades of yellow are the most hit-and-miss choices you can pick. The right decision could add warmth and depth your room or make you look like you run a nursery. Here’s some tips on how to do yellow right:

yellow kitchenWalls

As mentioned earlier, if you choose the right yellow for the right room, you’re likely to add a vibe of warmth and liveliness that can’t be achieved with white walls. However, it’s important to realize that a lot of homeowners don’t want every room to be warm and lively. For example, unless you’re painting a child’s room, you’re likely to want to skip yellow for your bedroom; bright wall colors can make it difficult to relax during bedtime. Yellow is also a bad choice for a home-movie room or a panic room; it’s just not the right vibe. Instead, try matching warm yellow walls to rooms that incorporate a lot of tile; kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms are great rooms to create a bright, welcoming vibe.

Accentssunflower painting

Add pizzazz and life to an otherwise plain room by incorporating some bright yellow accents. This could mean a throw pillow with a fun yellow design or a big pot of sunflowers. Paintings are another classy way to incorporate a little yellow into a room’s interior design without being overbearing. When looking for the right piece, know that the more natural yellow the more likely it will work without being obnoxious meaning, of course, you can never go wrong with flowers.

outdoor tableFurniture

This is a more risky way to implement yellow and really should only be done given that you’ve already found a great piece; trust me, it’s hard to find an attractive piece of yellow furniture, plus it’s likely to show dirt and wear and tear. Again, if you pick the wrong piece you are likely to end up looking like you run a nursery. That said, a yellow lamp can spruce up your room, or a bright yellow outdoor table and chair set can bring a cute cafe look to your backyard hang-out.


Lightingball lights

One of the most warming revisions you can make to your house is to switch out your white light with yellow. A commonly used technique when setting ambiance in restaurants, soft yellow lighting is at once comforting and indicative of high class. If you’re unsure about such a big change inside, try out some large yellow lamps in your backyard to create an outdoor experience that is at once stylish and reminiscent of ancient gatherings of human past; after all, yellow light is about the closest that the modern interior designer can get to supplying fire light without opting into an illegal fire pit. Oh, and some designers might be happy to hear: yellow lighting is among the most flattering as it provides a healthy glow to everything around it without exposing imperfections.